About us


CRL-Enterprises is a California corporation owned by Cheryl and Russ Lovell (CRL), which started in 2006 as a telecom consultancy. Since inception, CRL has partnered in several business start ups, some joint and some independent.

Today the main line of business is consulting and a start up called RVPlusYou. Cheryl and Russ are both involved, but Cheryl’s time is mostly spent consulting and Russ’ time is mostly spent on the RVPlusYou start up.

Both Russ and Cheryl have telecom backgrounds and have spent their careers working in various capacities.

Cheryl Lovell

Cheryl began her career in telecom in 1992 which she joined Call America, San Luis Obispo, CA as a junior accountant. From there she went into admin and eventually operations where she partnered in several telecom start ups, each one successfully exiting.

Today Cheryl works as a consultant for various business clients, mostly focusing on the areas of finance and operations.

Russ Lovell

Russ has been in telecom since 1987 when he joined Com Systems out of Van Nuys, CA. His focus has been on Call Center related sales, marketing, and operations.

In 2008 he started IOS Telecom, an international operator service company, which he operates today.

In 2015 he and his partners launched a website called RVPlusYou.com, an RV rental company which he is involved with as well.

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