Start ups – Business Consulting


Start ups

The start up that CRL is working on now is is a peer to peer platform made up of RV owners and renters. Russ and his partners launched RVPlusYou in 2015. Since the launch, they’ve added almost 2,000 customers and they continue to see strong growth as they further develop the software.

The company provides delivered RV rentals throughout North America via their RV listing and booking software. The website allows RV owners to list their RV for free and earn extra income from their otherwise idle asset, but in a safer way because renters never drive or tow.

The privately owned RV’s (Recreational Vehicles) are delivered and set up by RV owners and rented by people looking for vacation rental accommodations delivered to events, weddings, and campgrounds. Renters can browse listings online, inquire about the RV, then book directly with the owner through the website which provides a rental protection policy.

The “Airbnb of RV Vacation Rentals”, RVPlusYou aims to target an under served market using under utilized assets which are already located near the renter’s desired delivery destination.

CRL is a managing partner and investor in RVPlusYou. Russ is directly involved in all aspects of the company, including sales, marketing, and operations.

Business Consulting

Directed by Cheryl, the business consulting division of CRL focuses on 3 major areas of business:

  • Financial practices – Process and procedures for your financial department. From A-Z; how should your department be set up? Cheryl and her team of professionals has the experience you need to set up your department, or get your existing finance department on track and producing.
  • Telecom consulting – With over 55 years of combined experience in the telecom business, CRL has the background to address the billing, finance, and customer service areas of your business.
  • Operations – What should your team be focused on? What metrics are important to your organization? No other area of business is more important. Covering sales, service, product, administration, and finance, you need a system. We know how to assess current operations, present options for that new system, and then execute on those priorities.

With over 25 years of business experience, Cheryl has started up and sold 3 telecom companies. She has developed departments, hired staff for start ups, and guided several M&A deals to successful completion. She has extensive experience in the board room, as well as operations, customer support, billing, legal, and finance. From customer facing to executive coaching, Cheryl brings a refreshing results-oriented strategy to any organization.